I'm Tehkella, and I have a lot of hobbies. This is my 'hub' for all the things I like to do online. Come and explore the wonderful internet with me!

I live in Tasmania, Australia. I'm married and I have cats and seahorses as pets/babies. I collect video games and shoes. I love Sci Fi TV. I love fantasy books. My favourite colour is purple and I believe in Unicorns. My best friend is a faery who lives in the internet. I think the world is a magical place, and the web is even more magical. I've been online since 1993 and I'm always discovering new places to play.

I have a degree in Internet Communications and a passion for social media. I would like to learn to be a better photographer. I enjoy colouring my hair and playing with eye makeup. I chew my nails so I make fancy fake ones instead. I am not a good gardener but I love nature.

I am naturally lazy, but some times I like to go biking or hiking. I love the beach, and wanted to be a marine biologist until I discovered I had a musical talent. I am scared of flying, but I love to travel. I think animals can teach us to be better people.

I think that Lady Gaga is a great role model. I believe that aliens have visited the earth, but were disappointed in us so haven't bothered revealing themselves to the greater public. Environmental destruction makes me sad, but the future is an exciting place.

I prefer Picard to Kirk. I like to cross stitch and do crafty things, including spells and charms. I would like to go back to the Grand Canyon, Hawaii and New York. I would love to visit Egypt, Africa and Stonehenge. I think children are yukky, but I mostly blame the parents. I think that a lot of people are jerks but everyone has the spirit to bring good into the world.

It's not cheating to use a walkthrough when you play a video game if you have hundreds to play. Dancing in the car is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone sounds good singing in the shower, but some more than others.

Cleaning is cathartic. Vacuuming is a pain. I like to bake, but I'm not that good at it. I'm still learning. I enjoy making Japanese Bento lunches. I wish I was famous on the internet. Like Felicia Day. I like her, but am very jealous of her!

I am a Dungeon Master, and can be cruel at times, but usually generous. I like board games, but am too old for Twister now. I like to play dress ups and costume parties are my thing. I also have a lot of wigs. And shoes. But I already mentioned that.

There's lots about me that you now know - but there's plenty that you don't. Stick around and find out what you can!